What we do

To grow, you need to identify an opportunity. But, you also need to know how best to capitalise on that opportunity. Whether your existing brand(s) can deliver or a new offering needs to be created to best serve that market.

QSQ’s main focus is to find opportunities for brands to grow and establishing the best route to take advantage of them:

Proposition Development

Refining propositions for your existing offering in order to better resonate with consumers, stand out from the competition and align with the core of your brand. In an increasingly noisy world, your propositions need to be more focused and show that they can deliver exactly what your target market is looking for.


Sometimes, a clear and focused innovation process is needed to kick-start your next wave of growth. We consider your market context and emerging trends to inspire idea creation, help refine and validate concepts and build your go-to-market propositions for chance chance of success.

Brand Positioning

Whether launching a new brand, re-positioning an existing or seeking to ingrain your brand’s positioning better throughout the business, QSQ can help. We develop and finetune positionings that are right for both you and your target audience and can help ensure the essence of your brand is lived throughout your business.


At QSQ, we cover a wide range of both qualitative and quantitative research including

  • Online communities
  • Groups/depth interviews
  • Ethnography
  • Retail safaris
  • Market sizing
  • U&A studies
  • Concept/proposition testing and validation
  • Segmentation/targeting

All English- and Spanish-speaking projects are conducted in-house and we have a range of global trusted associates to support for recruitment, local language moderation and to deliver large scale quant projects.